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Better Reviews = More Sales

More, better, fresher online reviews improve conversions – a lot. Waiting for reviews to happen automatically, however, will not generate the results you seek and deserve. You need a system, and some automation to knock it out of the park!

Get More Reviews

Usually all you need to do is ask. And you need a system to do the asking consistently.

Get More Testimonials

Ask for feedback first (“how did we do?”); then only ask happy customers actively for a review.

Contain Bad Reviews

Let unsatisfied customers blow off steam in private. Ask what went wrong, so you can fix it. Save the client – and your reputation.

Promote Good Reviews

Stream positive reviews to social media and your website.

Monitor Your Reviews

Monitor the Internet for new reviews on lots of different websites.

Respond To Reviews

Respond to your Google and Facebook reviews right from the software’s dashboard.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

Negative reviews cause 94% of consumers to avoid a business

85% of customers actively search for negative reviews before deciding to buy a product or service

77% of customers think that reviews older than 3 months aren't relevant

Make Your reviews a marketing Priority. more, better, newer reviews will make people trust you more. your conversions will increase dramatically.


Customers expect you to care about them, their feedback and their reviews. Responding to all reviews is recommended, but first you need to know that there are new reviews to respond to. We track Google, Facebook, and 100+ industry-specific websites so you know exactly what’s being said about your business.

Monitoring Lots Of Sites
Different Options

Review Funnels

You decide how to ask your customers how you did. A thumbs up/down, a 1-5 star rating – with or without written feedback? These are just a few of the options. And feel free to switch them up, to prevent feedback-fatigue. 

Opt-In and Invite Forms

Send people directly to a feedback form, or let them opt in (kiosk mode) and they will receive an email invitation a little later. You can give your employees their own feedback funnels.

Opt-in Form
"Review Us" Business Card

“Review Us” Links

You can install a ‘Review Us’ button on any page of your website. Send people to your review funnels with custom URLs and QR codes in your printing materials and signage.

Review Request Email Drip Campaigns

Enter your customers’ name and email address into the software and initiate an email drip campaign. If they respond, the campaign stops sending emails. If they need reminding, the software will do it for you.

Email Drip
20 New 5.0-star Reviews

Email Notifications

You decide who gets notified of new feedback and reviews, so you can respond right away, celebrate positive reviews with your team, and quickly communicate with unhappy customers in order to try and win them back.

Everything You Need – In One Dashboard

Filters, notes, status indicators, custom tags, and more – The Best Review Tool has a full suite of tools to manage your review flow.

The Best Review Tool Dashboard
Respond To Reviews

Respond From Within The Software

You can respond to your Google and Facebook reviews right from within the software.

Social Media Sharing

Automatically share your 4 and/or 5 star reviews and feedback on either Twitter or Facebook. Lots of customization options.

Facebook Share
Review Pop-up

Website Review Stream

Embedded onto a page, or an interactive, auto-updating pop-up.

Are you ready for a steady flow of online reviews?

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