Why Need More Reviews?

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To be successful your business cannot ignore the online world. Reviews are what word of mouth used to be.

Google also uses reviews and online buzz about your company to determine how high you score in the search engine.

Having a system in place to get good reviews and prevent bad ones is crucial for a good business. Need More Reviews is filling this void.

Our System Does One Thing – Extremely Well

Getting you more, and better reviews.

More (positive) reviews means more business for you!

5 review stars

This system was built specifically to get the business owner involved in managing their feedback for just a few minutes a day to get results.

How The System Works

  • It makes it very easy for your customers to leave a review.
  • It will automatically send out a reminder if necessary.
  • It will notify you of a bad review before it is being posted, so you can take appropriate action.

What Will Happen

  • Positive reviews in no time at all.
  • A chance to turn negative reviews into positive ones.
  • Drowning out of any negative reviews that may be out there with the many positive reviews.

What This Means For You

  • More sales
  • More online exposure
  • Better online reputation
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • More customer feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Get REAL Reviews

With our system it’s as easy as 1-2-3!


Again, The Importance Of Positive Reviews

Why you need to know what people are saying about you as soon as it happens:

  • 70% of customers trust a business with a minimum of 6 to 10 reviews
  • About 72% of customers surveyed said that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – even those posted anonymously!
  • It’s like having an army of virtual sales reps recommending and promoting your business – 24/7.
  • Google will use reviews to rank you higher

Turn Bad Feedback Into Good Reviews

Bad reviews can be very damaging to an organization. Unhappy customers will tell on average TEN other people about it. (Compare that with positive reviews; they are usually only shared with ONE other person)


70% of customers will return to a business if you address their concerns promptly!

You will be alerted immediately when somebody leaves bad feedback in our reviews system, so you can contact that unhappy costumer and fix what what went wrong. As unhappy customers are invited to share their concerns with you within our system, you are able to contain the situation before it spirals out of control. And there is a good chance that once people have gotten it off their chest, they won’t go out and write bad things about your somewhere else – especially if you contact them quickly.

People check out the listing with the most reviews.

Don’t let this be YOU!

Why Use Our Tool?

It’s easy to use and requires very little effort from you – it’s almost fully automated.

Your only have to:

  1. Ask for your customer’s email address
  2. Enter your customer’s name and email address into our Reviews System
  3. Click submit

And our system will take it from there, based on your custom settings. So, what will happen next?


Step 1: Customer Enters the Feedback Funnel

Your customer will receive an email, asking them to leave a quick and short review.

They click the link in the email.

They land on a fully responsive page (that also works great on mobile devices) where they can leave their 1-5 star review and some comments – that’s it. All they then have to do is hit “Submit”!

Placing more customers more frequently into the feedback funnel increases the number of reviews that are likely to be posted online to help attract more customers.

Step 2: Intelligent Review Routing

The proprietary feedback process filters and flags reviews based on sentiment of the customer star rating.

Happy customers are directed to simple Thank You page, with a request to post this review on external sites as well. The review they wrote can be easily copied/pasted (one-click) and our system will provide the links to your profile pages on Google, Yelp and/or other review sites.

Unhappy customers (you set the threshold as to what constitutes a “bad” review) are flagged immediately and redirected to a customized feedback form which allows your customers to vent and share their concerns in private, not on a public website or social media account for the world to see.

This helps protect the business owner from unwarranted or erroneous negative reviews by flagging and routing them direct to the manager or assigned representative.

Step 3: You Will Be Alerted Of New Reviews Immediately

This is especially important for negative reviews, so you can deal with them as soon as possible.

Step 4: Customer Receives A Specific Message Based On Their Feedback

Every customer that posts a review will receive a specific email based on their sentiment, helping to drive return business.

If feedback was less than favorable, the good news is that over 70% of customers will return to a business if they address the concerns promptly.

The business owner also has the ability to create a special promotional message and target a segment or all of their customers based on their feedback.

Step 5: Monitor The Results

You will be given access to your own administration area, so you can monitor the reviews.

See The Tool In Action – Screenshots



Don’t try to game the system.

Don’t fall for marketing ploys that are aimed at getting you fake reviews. Google and other review sites are getting smarter and smarter, and will find out. Do you want to be associated with THIS?

Get REAL Reviews: With our system it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Get REAL Reviews

It’s as easy as 1-2-3