Frequently Asked Questions


How do customer reviews help my business and rankings?

The Search Engines and Review Sites want to provide local searchers with the best business listings in their area, because they want to keep them coming back to their site. To do that they use consumer reviews as the barometer since they can’t visit every single location themselves. So the business with the most positive reviews that are real and relevant usually will rank the highest.

The Software

What is this Best Review Tool software?

Best Review Tool is an online application that helps you build a 5-star online reputation through active customer feedback.

Who is this software meant for?

The Best Review Tool is aimed at any company, agency or franchise who have a single or multiple business locations. The application is perfect for any size of organization, allowing management or an individual see the overall reputation footprint of their business in one easy to use dashboard.

Do you have a back ups in place?

Yes, we have managed servers and the data is backed up on a daily basis.

I have multiple locations – do I need one account per location?

Yes, you will need one account PER physical location.

Will the system automatically email our customers for a review request, or is there a way to select who will get a review request email (and when)?

You upload contacts and then select who to email, and what to email them. No contact is emailed until you manually enter them or select contacts from the list and select the message to send them.

Will this work outside the US and Canada?

Yes. You can customize which review sites to send people to after they have submitted a positive review.

Is it possible to edit the customer review box confirmation message ‘I authorize (ie) Mike Hammer to post my review and name online’?

Yes, You have the option to edit that text.

Am I correct in thinking that our business must be listed on the review sites?

Ideally, yes. You would miss some great opportunities if you weren’t. Please contact us if you need help getting listed on the review sites.

Who enters my customers into the software?

You are responsible for setting up and managing your customers in our software. But if you want we can do this for you as well, at an additional cost. It is recommended though to contact your customers as soon as possible – preferably on the same day. Contacting them within hours of their visit to your establishment will be far more effective than contacting them after a few days.

You also have the ability to suspend or delete client accounts.

Does the software work on Windows and Mac?

The Best Review Tool is web-based.  The software is built on a fully responsive HTML5 platform, making it 100% browser compatible on desktop and mobile devices.

Is there a refund policy or guarantee?

Your One Time Activation Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. There is no free trial period. You will agree to this in the sign up process and we will fight and pursue fraudulent claims or charge-backs to the fullest extent of the law. Our demonstration videos and training have shown the features and functionality of the system.

The monthly service fees are also non-refundable. You may cancel your ongoing service at any time and your service subscription will not be charged again. If you cancel before the first subscription billing cycle you will not be billed the service fees.

If I cancel and want to rejoin – Is there an additional fee?

If you cancel for any reason and then create a new or reactivate your previous account with us YOU WILL be required to pay the current activation fee rate and subscription. We can not honour your previous account once canceled or suspended.

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